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The Process

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Like most precious beauties in life, the process behind RAW jewelry takes intricate crafting and pure love. From mine to market, each gemstone reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability through ethical production. 

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in San Diego, California. A copper band is hand formed and hammered to a perfect fit. Then, a raw gem is attached to the band using epoxy and left to dry for 24 hours. Once the gem is secure, the band is dremeled to optimize the gem's natural shape within the copper. A conductive paint covers the ring as a protectant before it is soaked in an electric bath to naturally form. 

Our progressive design process allows us to create objects of lasting value with minimal environmental impacts. We strive for our beliefs to shine through all of our business practices – from incorporating environmentally low-impact practices in our studio, to supporting our fellow artisans in the southwest region of the United States, including San Diego.