Pink Peruvian Opal and Diamond Chevron Ring - US SIZE 5.75 - ROSE GOLD PLATED

Pink Peruvian Opal and Diamond Chevron Ring - US SIZE 5.75 - ROSE GOLD PLATED

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Peruvian Pink Opal is intriguingly rare as it is only found in the Andes Mountains. This beautiful gemstone is ethically and respectfully mined from sustainably run sinkholes found throughout the hills. A small group of trusted families personally mine these beautiful opal vein deposits by hand in Lima, Peru. 

The Pink Peruvian Opal is a dazzling treasure. This mysteriously rare gemstone has been used for centuries to heal while charging the aura with gentle yet powerful energies of love and peace. It has been said it encourages better sleep as this opal uses moonlight to energize.

Composed of mainly silicon, hydrogen and oxygen, this water element stone brings purifying depth, perspective, and connection to your heart’s true feeling. 

Opal is the birthstone for those born in October.


When paired with your engagement ring, the raw diamond chevron wedding band effortlessly unites the rings together as one, perfectly signifying the unbreakable bond of undying love. The wearer of the wedding band is adorned in pure, elegant simplicity.

According to legend, it is said that raw diamonds are tears of the gods or fallen pieces of stars. The alluring nature and rarity of the raw diamond has kept humanity utterly captivated.

RAW conflict-free diamonds embody the essence of crystalline ice and winter infused with a dazzling lightning storm. These precious, sparkling treasures are a symbol of wealth, courage, truth and intimacy. 

RAW diamond is called the King of Gems, unique in its powerful light energy. Its name is derived from Greek mythology–Adamas, meaning “untamable” and “fearlessness”.  

Forever amplifying energy, it is a precious gemstone that will never require recharging. Purifying, it aids in spiritual evolution and allows the soul’s light and true aspirations to shine.

Dare to be unconventional with RAW’s promise of all of the luxury without compromise or conflict.

Standard diamond mining causes environmental destruction, severely devastating the land and water. Many mines exploit workers, children, and communities causing poverty and human rights abuses. Always ethically and sustainably sourced, the RAW by Olivia Mar diamond is conflict-free and glimmers with uncompromised beauty.