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RAW was established in early 2017 when artist Olivia Mar followed her heart back to the place where her passion for gems was born. She packed her dreams into one bag and moved across the country to San Diego, California. What started off as a promising small business by the sea quickly evolved into a sustainable jewelry experience worldwide. 
RAW is a collection of mindfully collection gems from all over the world, particularly in the southwest region of the United States. The gems are carefully sourced from local miners, handpicked by the formation, temperatures, and varying pressures it provides to the artist. During production, each gem is left in its earthly state, never dyed or treated unnaturally for color enhancement or imitation. The final product is a celebration of unique beauty of imperfect perfection, as no two pieces are ever the same. 
Just like us, crystals and gems are naturally formed from the earth, and each one has specific healing and meditation characteristics that make each one special to its owner.
You can find RAW jewelry in San Diego shops, including Native Poppy, Thistle, and SEED People’s Market. RAW is also a top selling Etsy shop and can also be found on Amazon and FAIRE.

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