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Olivia Mar is the artist behind RAW, a collection of handcrafted jewelry that evokes the beauty of creativity, the strength of intention and the power of the earth designed to bring happiness, love, and healing to others.
Olivia grew up on the road, traveling across the U.S. and Mexico coast with her parents and spending most of her childhood in La Paz, Baja California Sur. It was there that her love for different cultures, art, and nature began. As part of her past times, she’d search for unique gems alongside her mother at local markets and art shows. By the Mexican sea was where she found her greatest inspiration. Never staying in one town for too long, she continued dreaming of replicating the colors and shapes she discovered while traveling, eventually embodying all that she learned through her own handmade jewelry. 
Since then, Olivia has evolved from a fascinated young girl into a top-selling local jeweler, crafting handmade jewelry that celebrates the beauty of nature through raw stones from the earth.
RAW goes beyond the art of adornment and adds another level of connection to help express your deepest passions. ” -Olivia Mar

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