The Artist

 Olivia Mar is the founder and artisan behind RAW and LUXE – a collection of handcrafted, ethically sourced rings that are transforming today's wedding and jewelry industry… Unconventionally.

A fascination for the Earth’s untouched beauty combined with an untamable wanderlust, Olivia’s ever-growing passion ignited. 

Launching her collection of handmade, sustainable jewelry, Olivia quickly evolved to a top-selling jeweler with her brand RAW by Olivia Mar which features conflict free raw diamonds and gemstones set in pure copper. Olivia later released LUXE by Olivia Mar, which flawlessly combines the conscience of RAW with the uncompromised, elegant luxury of silver and gold. Today, the beauty of creativity, strength of purpose, and power of the Earth are celebrated across the world with RAW and LUXE. 

“For life’s most cherished moments, venture beyond the art of traditional adornment. Dare to be unconventional, dare to be you.” -Olivia Mar