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Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite Earrings
Tanzanite Earrings
Tanzanite Earrings
Earrings are made with 925 Sterling Silver Posts and are 100% Nickel Free.

Tanzanite Ring is relatively rare, found only in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, East Africa. It relieves stress and cultivates calmness and harmony.

This gem helps unite the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illumined mind. Since this crystal is especially spiritual, its high vibrational energy allows for deep profound meditation.
RAW is a collection of mindfully collected gems handcrafted into unique jewelry by San Diego artist Olivia Mar. Each product is ethically sourced and left raw in their natural earthly state, illuminating their honest beauty. No two pieces of jewelry are the same, taking shape freely in creation and artistically in life.
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